Quick, Nimble, Relevant: Planning Content for the Unplannable (and Staying Sane in the Process)

When the future seems unplannable, how do museums continue to offer their communities support, storytelling, and meaningful experiences? And how can overtaxed staff integrate these plans into under-budgeted workflows without losing their minds? COVID-19 has created not only immediate crises for museums, but has also introduced profound unpredictability. Exhibition and operational plans must now must accommodate wildly varying future scenarios - additional shutdowns or relaxed restrictions, recovery of staffing or further reductions, and shifting budget projections. This session will offer practical strategies for integrating the creation of compelling, flexible digital products into activities that museums are already doing. Learn about nimble and lightweight strategies for mining ongoing activity to create digital products that can be used in a wide variety of scenarios – from on-site display while facilities are open, offering virtual exhibition experiences during a shutdown, or promotional during reopening. The future of museums is quick, nimble, and relevant – learn how institutions of all sizes and technical capacity can take part. A part of MCN 2020 VIRTUAL