Remember Me Fondly

With the Digital Revolution of the 2000s, museums and cultural institutions finally had a means to capitalize upon vast collections of oral history interviews that had been gathered from as early as the 1960s up to the 1990s. Stories once limited by the shelf life of magnetic tape and the restricted access of CDs were now able to be uploaded to online databases and listening stations, encouraging re-investment in stagnated collections and new applications of storytelling in exhibitions. But where does the collection of stories and human memory fit into the work of museum professionals and cultural custodians and how can they utilize emerging and tried-and-true technologies to effectively engage visitors? Museum Professional & Public Historian Thomas E. Delfi addresses this evolution of pedagogy in Remember Me Fondly: The Imperative & Application of Oral History in Museum Sites. Remember Me Fondly is a historiography of the intersection of oral history as a discipline and the rise of public history as an ideology and a survey of where the two have synthesized in museums, historic sites, and cultural institutions in recent years. This research not only presents the models and methods for the interpretation of oral history in exhibitions and adjoining artifacts, but in depth oral history interviews with museum professionals who have worked with implementing oral history collections into their institutions, which include the Artists Oral History Initiative at MOMA, the Smithsonian Archives, the Chemical Heritage Foundation of Philadelphia, and more. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Thomas Delfi, Oral Historian, Independent/Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA