Scientific Imaging Data for Museums

Museum imaging departments and conservation labs collect data to support conservation and research. There is often a desire to share this work with the public through in-gallery and online presentations. This panel includes three case studies and a discussion, exploring questions like: How much of the data and outcomes do we share? Do we need to “dumb it down”? What are the challenges in presenting scientific data such as high-resolution 3D to the general public? The three panel members: Robert Kastler, Museum of Modern Art, will discuss 3D capture and presentation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Broadacre City model; Daniel Dennehy, Minneapolis Institute of Art, will discuss a project that is producing high-resolution 3D of Chinese bronzes and was originally inspired by curatorial research; and Carla Schroer, Cultural Heritage Imaging, will present the collection and sharing of high-resolution 3D data of a 1940, 22’ X 74’ Diego Rivera mural, a project driven by conservation needs, including decisions about the level of detail to capture. Speakers Session Leader : Carla Schroer, Founder & Director, Cultural Heritage Imaging Speaker : Daniel Dennehy, Minneapolis Institute of Art Speaker : robert kastler, Imaging Production Manager, Museum of Modern Art MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA