So You Have All This Media, Now What Do You Do with It?

Museums are increasingly producing a wealth of media content, but many still struggle with how best to organize and present that content online. Video and audio, often the most approachable content to the web user, can get buried and scattered all over the institution's web presence. This panel will explore the questions surrounding online media organization and delivery. Should you throw it all on YouTube? Build your own delivery system? Should all your video be in one place even if the content is disparate? Do you make it available for download? What about iTunes U? How do you make this type of content most approachable to the end user? Who is the end user? Jesse Heinzen will moderate an open discussion with representatives from a few institutions that have taken a stab at organizing media content. They will talk briefly about their projects, and then attempt to make sense of the larger philosophy of the subject at hand. Kyle Jaebker will discuss ArtBabble; Nate Solas, formerly Senior New Media Developer and Head Technologist at the Walker Art Center, will talk about the Walker Channel; and Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli will discuss sharing educational content with iTunes U, as well as how BPOC used ArtBabble as a springboard to create Conservation Reel.