Stop, Collaborate and Iterate (Audio & Slides)

Experimentation, Prototyping, Iteration, and Collaboration Time Thursday 21st November 3:30pm to 4:15pm Place Soprano C, Hyatt Regency Montreal Liz Neely @lili_czarina Director of Digital Information and Access, Art Institute of Chicago With the rapid pace of cultural change in our society, museums need to learn how to nimbly try new ideas, astutely evaluate outcomes, and iterate results. This presentation focuses on the incorporation of experimentation, prototyping, iteration, and collaboration, drawing on several project examples from the Art Institute of Chicago. Whether it's prototyping gallery interactives using the OSCI Toolkit or using 3D printing to test new conservation practices, experimental techniques help us build a working culture that is more comfortable with risk-taking and, therefore, more agile in its positioning. Rapid Prototyping in Museum Office Culture Time Thursday 21st November 4:15pm to 5:00pm Place Soprano C, Hyatt Regency Montreal Micah Walter @micahwalter Webmaster, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution At the Cooper-Hewitt Labs we are trying to keep ourselves as nimble as possible. We often work on "one day projects" which allow us to wash away the day-to-day office work and focus on a single feature addition or concept. Oftentimes these days lead to some of our favorite site features. Examples of this include our addition of a QR code for every collection record, an SMS and voice system that ties into our collections API, a responsive footer design, search by color, and much, much more. In this talk I will cover a few more examples and talk about the importance of "shipping code." I'll explain a few ideas for doing rapid prototyping in a museum context and discuss how participants might build this into their institutional workflows.