Take it all in

Museums tend to be highly visual places where objects and text are favored as mediums of interpretation. There’s an emerging trend to understand sensory learning in museums to make exhibits more accessible. This includes beginning in a place that privileges experiential learning. Last year, a student in Lauren Addario's Cultural Technology Mentorship class wanted to "take her poem off the page." The challenge to the class was to give people a well-rounded sensory experience that would resonate long after their interaction with the poem. Around the same time, Lesley Kadish was working with Georgetown University’s Technology Design Studio to help students build a digital sensory archive of the oldest building on campus. When the two heard about each other through MCN 2015, they got in touch. What ensued was a collaborative effort to build two multisensory exhibitions: one in rural New Mexico, and the other in urban Washington DC. Addario, Kadish and their students will discuss the theoretical framework of what "multisensory," means to them as a result of working through the project. They will describe the students' respective installations, and how the practice of experiential learning is multisensory learning. Speakers Session Leader : Lesley Kadish, Fellow, Georgetown University Co-Presenter : Lauren Addario, Director, AmeriCorps Cultural Technology, New Mexico Highlands University AmeriCorps Cultural Technology Program MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA