Tell Me a Story

‘Heard the latest buzz, but what’s it really like?’ This whirlwind tour of US museums explores developments in digital storytelling (particularly mobile examples) and bilingual interpretation from the perspective of a content creator from Down Under. The ultimate question: In this increasingly digital world, what will set museums apart and inspire and involve our communities? Creative, collaborative, immersive storytelling is at the core, with technology at its service. GOING MOBILE Recently, museums have been pumping out mobile content, offering extra information, the ability to save, personalized pathways, way-finding solutions, contact with experts, and more. I focus on the delivery of extra content, highlighting opportunities, challenges, and questions. How much do visitors really want? What characterizes the most effective mobile experiences? And so what if we create innovative digital content when our primary interpretation remains conservative, impenetrable, or just plain boring? TWO TONGUES Increasingly, US museums are expanding their Spanish interpretation to better serve their Hispanic communities. Te Papa is increasing its use of Maori (New Zealand’s indigenous language) with the added goal of language revival. I explore examples of bilingual storytelling, and consider how technologies can support our communities to give voice to their taonga (treasures) and share their stories. WHERE NEXT? I wrap up with the biggest takeaway from the trip. In an age where information is at our fingertips anywhere, any time, on any device, museums need to radically transform themselves and focus on what sets them apart. Creating truly memorable experiences means taking a more social, physical, creative approach, centered on real things, real stories, and real opportunities and integrating approaches from across the sector – the hands-on mode of science museums, the accent on story of history museums, the immersive installations of art museums, and powerful storytelling strategies. Cross-disciplinary museums like Te Papa are in an ideal position. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Frith Williams, Ms, Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA