The 2014 FIFA World Cup scored huge figures in social media engagement: by the final match, media companies counted "more than 3 billion interactions on Facebook and 672 million messages on Twitter." This virtual stage also produced one of the most intriguing outcomes of the 2014 World Cup: a crowd-sourced Twitter collection entitled, simply, #thetimeofthegame. After Nigerian-American novelist Teju Cole proffered a simple question to his Twitter followers about the space and place of their World Cup experience, the spontaneous project came to life with the assistance of data visualization designer Jer Thorp and digital artist Mario Klingemann. The team developed a program to collect people's experiences viewing the final match, visually charting the global viewership for each minute of the game. In its scale, reach, and access, #thetimeofthegame creates an intriguing case from which to consider other projects, including #MuseumWeek and #museumsrespondtoferguson. While each is fixed to some idea of an institution entering conversations on social experience through social media, the affective work of these participatory community engagements gesture to larger questions on the role of collaborative cultural work for creating and visualizing community in digital spaces. How are we to understand trending projects like #thetimeofthegame alongside those digital community ventures in the museum industry? What differences can we find between these unique projects and their missions? And, finally, how can the museum, as an engineer of cultural experiences across platforms, harness affective energy in the building of digital communities? In this presentation, I consider the meaning of the #thetimeofthegame alongside the phenomenon of museum digital engagement and propose a re-imagining of what an online community can perform and produce for engaged conversation on the local-in-the-global cultural experience. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Anni Pullagura, #timeofthegame: Affective Worlds in Digital Spaces, Brown University MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA