Transforming the Art Museum Experience: Gallery One

The Cleveland Museum of Art presented at MCN 2012, prior to deployment of a series of innovative technology experiences that shift the visitor experience to emphasize engagement, curiosity and creativity. Designed for visitors of all ages, these interfaces inspire visitors to see art with greater depth and understanding. "Gallery One" contains a series of dynamic interfaces that range from individual to group experiences that seamlessly integrated physical objects with touch-based technology (including an early learning zone, group-experience kiosks, a 40-foot multi-touch power wall, and iPad alternative-reality app) to explore painting, sculpture, stylization, narrative storytelling, the expression of a cultural era through art, and globalism. Visitors may then take their experience (and their iPads) into the museum's permanent-collection galleries to explore and discover on their own, or be led through theme-based tours. Way-finding technology recommends other objects of interest near the user, for additional exploration. Presenters: - Jane Alexander, Director, Information Management and Technology Services, Cleveland Musem of Art - Seema Rao, Director, Intergenerational Learning, Cleveland Museum of Art - Andrea Bour, Data Analyst, Cleveland Museum of Art Presented Thursday, Nov 8, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA.