Van Gogh’s Bedrooms

A recent exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago, Van Gogh’s Bedrooms, featured all three versions of Van Gogh’s masterwork together for the very first time in North America. Bluecadet partnered with the Art Institute to create several engaging interactive experiences that enhance visitor exploration of the artist’s work. We challenged visitors to go deeper by uncovering a more authentic, human side of Van Gogh’s life and work. A reconstruction of Van Gogh’s famous bedroom served as a canvas for digital projections of artfully animated sketches, colorful brushstrokes, and quotes from Van Gogh’s personal letters. Two interactive screens allowed visitors to conduct synchronized exploration of the paintings in a way that is intuitive yet innovative. By pinching, zooming and panning the three paintings simultaneously, visitors could uncover findings made by the conservation team—revealing insights into Van Gogh’s process and varying techniques, as well as recent scientific research on the three Bedroom paintings. The result is an innovative, intimate look at one of the most beloved and often-misunderstood artists of all time. In the first three days of its opening, the Art Institute welcomed 14,608 visitors to the exhibition, the biggest opening weekend for a special exhibition at the museum in 15 years. An inventive marketing campaign, which included a listing on Airbnb with an offer to sleep in Van Gogh’s bedroom, helped fuel the exhibition’s success. The museum averaged over 4,600 visitors per day—the highest daily attendance since 2001 and 60% higher than the projected numbers. Speakers Session Leader : Troy Lachance, Executive Creative Director, Bluecadet Co-Presenter : Michael Neault, Director of Digital Experience & Access, Art Institute of Chicago MCN 2016 New Orleans, LA