VERSION1 Widening Audiences Part 2: Audiences w/Hearing Loss or Physical Disabilities

2011 Museum Computer Network (MCN) conference in Atlanta, GA Presentation on November 17, 2011 PRESENTERS/PRESENTATIONS Larry Goldberg, Director of Media Access, Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM): Innovations in Technology: Turning Sound into Words Simon Houriez, CEO, Signes de Sens: Museo : inclusive multi-media for children who are deaf or have a hearing loss Christopher Power, Lecturer in Human Computer Interaction, University of York: Access to multimedia for museum visitors with physically disabilities Susan Nichols, Lunder Education Chair, Smithsonian American Art Museum: Art Signs Emmanual von Schack, Educator, Metropolitan Museum of Art: How to Make a Museum Accessible to Deaf Visitors? Widening Audiences Part 2: Using the potential of multimedia for audiences who are Deaf, audiences with hearing loss and audiences with physical disabilities. Deaf people, people with hearing loss and people with physical disabilities may appear to have very different issues in accessing digital technologies, but some of the solutions for accommodating their needs may be very similar. This session will discuss the needs and preferences of people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or who have physical disabilities for using digital technologies. In particular, the potential for using multimedia formats to present varied types of museum experiences in accessible ways to these audiences will be discussed.