Strategy SIG Top Picks for #MCN2020 VIRTUAL

The Strategy Special Interest Group is co-chaired by Tricia Robson and Douglas Hegley. In this post, Tricia shares about the SIG and what they are looking forward to in the conference. Interested in registering for the conference AND joining a SIG? If you’re not a member yet, you can take advantage of our special bundled registration rate.  Current members can sign up for the Strategy SIG here.

I’m the Chair of the MCN Strategy Special Interest Group (SIG) and have a background in digital, project management, and curatorial in museums and tech. Currently, as Senior Project Manager at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I manage cross-departmental initiatives and processes in the areas of Digital, Education, Publications, Imaging, Libraries, and Live Arts. At the heart of my work is how digital intersects with and uplifts all groups in museums to make art more relevant, relatable, and accessible to audiences. On a personal level, the Strategy SIG and MCN community at large have provided such an open, welcoming, and productive space to explore the strategies and ideas that support my role and mission. 

The MCN Strategy SIG is a convener for emerging professionals and senior managers to learn, share insight, and discuss strategic planning in the digital realm. From a high-level, we ask questions like: 

  • How do we gain support for digital initiatives?
  • How do digital priorities enhance museum strategy and mission? 
  • How do we educate the importance of digital access and encourage all staff to be digital advocates?

The pandemic has—of course—made these questions more important than ever for shaping the future of museums. In March, our group asked the question, “What are some ways that we might produce revenue for our organizations via digital?” What followed was a two-part panel on the question of digital monetization in museums, focused on tactics and revenue. These panels—along with other sessions on institutional strategy and image interoperability, GLAMs’ strategies, digital strategy, and agile leadership—are available on MCN’s YouTube channel

Looking at the #MCN2020 Virtual Conference in November, I’m especially excited to attend three sessions focused on strategy, vision, and more responsible models of power — important and timely topics we discuss in our SIG. 

In addition, our SIG will be hosting a joint virtual meet-up with Data & Insights and Human-Centered Design. Look out for more information to come.
Learn more about the MCN Strategy SIG here and I look forward to seeing you—virtually—at #MCN2020 Virtual in November!