Find Your People: Branding & Media Production

The Media Production and Branding Special Interest Group (SIG) is Chaired by Kelsey Cvach and Co-Chaired by Ryan Waggoner. In this blog post they share the new ways they’re organizing to create resources for the community. Read on to learn how you can get involved. You can also check out all of the recently announced 2020 SIG Chairs.

Meet the Media Production and Branding SIG!

This SIG supports museum professionals through discussions on methods for digital media production (video, audio, text, etc.) as a storytelling and audience engagement device to manifest an organization’s identity and mission. We also maintain a technical focus on production methodology as well as developing brand identity through creation and distribution of digital content. This year, we’re piloting several new formats unique from other SIGs!

Join in our collaborative projects
We aim to collaborate on several deliverables throughout the year. Our first project, inspired by momentum from the MCN Open House, is a Best Practices for Captioning and Accessibility Guidance that can be circulated throughout the museum community and beyond. Working with expertise across many institutions, we plan to complete this project by March. If you would like to collaborate with us on this project, or have ideas/best practices to contribute, please reach out to us. Other ideas for the upcoming year are welcome! Existing SIG members can post on Basecamp or anyone can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Contribute to our Critique Corner
This is a place for members to share new or in-progress work and to receive feedback from the group. Feel free to share any relevant project for comment, and provide constructive ideas for the projects that others have contributed.

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