Adventures in Augmented Reality

Adventures in Augmented Reality 11.19.2011 (9.00AM -- 10.30 AM) Presenters: Laurie Stepp, MA candidate, Johns Hopkins University; Gene Becker, Augmented Reality Strategist, Layar; Robert Costello, National Outreach Program Manager, Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History; Miguel Palma, United States Business Development Lead, Junaio; Bob Tarrin, Director of Marketing, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts; Paul F. Marty, PhD, Associate Professor, School of Library and Information Studies, College of Communication and Information, Florida State University Type: Roundtable Augmented reality (AR) has an increasing presence in industry and commerce. In the art world, it's used for guerilla exhibitions replacing ads with art to spur interaction and discussion. There is a proliferation of new platforms and programs for augmenting imagery or audio for storytelling and information. Geolocated augmentation can bring back the power of place. AR branches into image recognition with the potential to give visitors intuitively triggered augmentation to help solve problems of language and labels. Can museums find meaningful uses for these potentially powerful tools? Join this roundtable for an informal discussion and debate surrounding various forms of augmentation.