Case Studies: Intranets, Email Segmentation, and Data Visualization

CONNECTING THE DOCUMENTS: BUILDING A NEW INTRANET AT THE WHITNEY MUSEUM Presenter: Alison Abreu-Garcia, Manager of Digital Technologies, Whitney Museum of American Art E-MAIL SEGMENTATION AND TESTING: WE DID IT THE HARD WAY SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO Presenters: Mandy Engleman, Director of Creative Services, Dallas Museum of Art; Anthea Halsey, Senior Marketing & Social Media Manager, Dallas Museum of Art; Emma Vernon, Manager of DMA Partners Program, Dallas Museum of Art MAKE A NEW PLAN, STAN: FIVE OR MORE WAYS TO VISUALIZE YOUR (VISITOR) DATA Presenter: Jennifer Foley, Director of Interpretation, Cleveland Museum of Art MUSEUMS AND BRANDING: A TALE OF LOVE AND HATE Presenter: Luis Marcelo Mendes, Communications Consultant for Museums, Fundação Roberto Marinho MCN 2014 video documentation sponsored by Video produced by