Conservation Data and Digital Asset Management: Part 2 of 3

Conservation Data and Digital Asset Management: Digitizing Conservation Documentation 11.17.2011 (4.00PM -- 5.30PM) Presenter: Kate Blanch, Administrator, Museum Databases, The Walters Art Museum Dave Thompson and Marty Stein, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Part 2 of 3 Type: Case Study Showcase Conservation laboratories house some of the richest artwork documentation that exists. The development of conservation databases, documentation systems, and digital asset management tools that meet the specific needs of electronically cataloging conserva- tion data is a burgeoning area. This showcase will include project overviews by panelists who have made great strides in developing and implementing solutions that facilitate the creation, management, and dissemination of conservation documentation. Case studies will touch on the digitization of analog materials and the creation of new, digital materials on the fly, the unique challenges of working in the laboratory environment, and what's being implemented in museums presently.