Developing Mobile Learning Experiences

Session 1. Digital Learning Adventures The National Maritime Museum has developed a mobile learning application that is used by school groups visiting as part of a study day. The system was developed through working with local teachers and schools to find out what they want to do and discover if there were no limitations. The session focused on the development of the project and how it was through working directly with the end user that this system was created. It discussed the approach taken to mobile learning on gallery by the Museum in the past and how its previous use of an off the shelf system helped form ideas about what was and was not needed. The session will discuss how the development of the system was an iterative process with constant reference back to its end user. Presenter: Lucinda Blaser, Digital Project Manager, Royal Museums Greenwich Session 2. Inspired Interactions: Breaking the Mold of Mobile Learning for Religious Education Every year more than 3 million pilgrims converge on Mecca during Hajj, the time of pilgrimage. It is an intensely personal and communal journey to the heart of the Islamc faith. In 2011-12, the British Museum's digital learning team confronted the challenge of translating the experience of Hajj pilgrims into a mobile application for high school students. The result was an in-house designed native Android application which supported a facilitated workshop. By focusing on experience and interactions rather than knowledge, the app blurred the lines between mobile learning and gaming. This presentation discusses the development process of the Hajj Mobile Experience app and the results of qualitative and quantitative research conducted with the students and teachers who used it. Our goal is to refine the definitions of mobile learning and provoke discussion about the role of technology in the unlikely field of religious education. Participants: Alessandra von Aesch, Researcher, University of Lugano Shelley Mannion, Digital Learning Programs Manager, The British Museum Nicholas Badcott, Education Manager, The British Museum Will Robinson, Artist and developer Session 3. Mission, Audience, and Sustainability: A Mobile Tale How do we fulfill our mission and reach target audiences, all while creating a sustainable mobile application? Using MoMA's new Art Lab iPad app as the focus for the discussion, this session looks at the process and decision-making behind the app, including the decision to charge for it, the design and functionality considerations around the target audience of kids and families. as well as the findings and results after launch. Included in this presentation is an exploration of the various stragegies employed for the content, interface, updates, and marketing. Presenter: Allegra Burnette, Creative Director, Digital Media, The Museum of Modern Art Session Chair/Moderator: Silvia Filippini-Fantoni, Manager for Evaluation and Technology-Based Engagement, Indianapolis Museum of Art Presented Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA.