Disruptive Innovation: Re-Defining the Museum

1. Building a museum from scratch: Where to begin, where to go, and how to get there. Canada's newest national museum, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, is the first national museum in Canada in over 40 years. It is also unique in its subject matter, Human Rights, is intangible. A dialogic and conceptual subject matter than lends itself very well to interpretation through media & technology based experiences. The opportunities are obvious and plentiful, but how to realize the potential, how to be strategic, how to ensure sustainability, where to begin and how to proceed efficiently are, and have been daunting propositions. This session examines how we are attempting to meet our ambition and realize the many concurrent and complex media and technology based projects required for inauguration. Presenter: Corey Timpson, Director, Design + New Media & Collections, Canadian Museum for Human Rights 2. Positive disruption: A case-study for embracing change This presentation provides a real-world example of how strategic planning can have a radical impact on the working practice of a cultural organisation. It explores the ways that the National Gallery, London has had to change long established, and deep-routed thinking in order to successfully deliver its vision for a new film Channel. Encompassing everything from its overhaul of commissioning and decision-making mechanisms through to a new production model for film content. By sharing our experiences as we move towards a new and evolving digital future, the paper will offer valuable insights into the challenges of affecting positive change. Presenter:Charlotte Sexton, Head Digital Media, The National Gallery 3. Tate website relaunch: How to survive a user-centred design process Following the development of the Tate Online Strategy 2010-12, a comprehensive overhaul of the entire Tate website and associated online content was undertaken and launched in April 2012. This paper examines our user-centred approach to the Tate's website redevelopment. It will pick apart the project focusing on the practical recommendations in hope to serve as a case study for others planning complex website overhauls. Presenters: John Stack, Head of Tate Online, Tate Tijana Tasich, Website Producer, Tate Session Chair: Ryan Donahue, Senior Information Systems Developer, Metropolitan Museum of Art Presented Friday, Nov 9, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA. mcn.edu