Experiential Design for an Unknown Future

At Bluecadet, we’re always exploring different methods for integrating digital products into public space. Now, there’s added urgency as we’re tasked with integrating aspects of public space into our digital products. Our ongoing R&D projects are becoming ways for us to support new public health and safety concerns. Like a lot of design agencies, the crisis may have blurred our vision of the future, but it's sharpened our focus on the task at hand. This talk will concentrate on the impact of four categories towards experiences in an uncertain future: overall digital strategy, spatial design, input methods, and the extended experience. These categories aren’t mutually exclusive and, indeed, are most effective when employed together. Redundancy and flexibility will be essential moving forward — we can anticipate and plan for some uses but there are many, many others that we can't. That same flexibility also has implications for the longevity and sustainability of what we build. A part of MCN 2020 VIRTUAL