Faster, Louder, More: Tech Transforms the Mission

1. Linked Open Data at the Science Museum Presenters: Tristan Roddis, Head of Web Develop-ment, Cogapp; Daniel Evans, Head of Web, Science Museum Group Earlier this year, the Science Museum in London embarked on an experimental project to merge information about their collection from a menagerie of sources into a single linked data format (RDF) repository and to provide APIs and a public-facing website based on this content. Data extracted from a variety of systems, some over a decade old, including the collections management system, the digital asset manage-ment system, and content from various websites was consolidated into a triple store. This presentation will discuss the technical systems used to create this new representation of the museum's information and some of the problems and pitfalls encountered in the move to linked data. These included prsystem as well data reconciliation and ontology issues. Finally, we will provide details of and potential uses of this new consolidated representation of the Science Museum's data. 2. Make It Rain: Condensing Four Years of Cloud Usage Presenters: Charles Moad, Acting Chief Information Ocer and Director, IMA Lab, Indianapolis Museum of Art; Gray Bowman, Application Developer, Indianapolis Museum of Art In early 2008, the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) began using amazon Web Services to host all public facing websites. This paper will provide a radically transparent evaluation of the successes and failures of using these services. All historical hourly usage and pricing information will be released as open data along with this paper. How to get the most out of your money, what sort of applications are not suitable for the cloud, and how to prepare for catastrophe—which happened once—will all be documented based on the experiences of the IMA. Museums are increasingly leaning on platforms as a service in order to support the exponential growth of data and network trathe lessons learned by the IMA after having been in the cloud for an extended period of time. 3. The SANS of Change: Managing the Expanding Storage Universe Presenter: Brian Dawson, Director, Informatics Services, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation; Graham Husk, Network Services Administrator, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation Cultural organizations face exponentially increasing demands on storage infrastructure. To help organizaappropriate fthis session will draw on practical experience to help navigate these increasing demands and the changing storage technology landscape. Drawing on the experiences of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation in deploying NAS and two generations of iSCSI SAN technology, this session will examine how the needs and priorities of an organization can be translated into an appropriate, cective storage infrastructure. Session Chair: Rich Cherry, Partner, Museums and the Web Presented Friday, November 9th at the Museum Computer Network conference in Seattle, WA. #mcn2012flm