From Proposal to Payoff: Three Museums Get It Done

Presenters: Morgan Holzer, Project Manager, Metropolitan Museum of Art; Rob Lancefield, Manager of Museum Information Services / Registrar of Collections, Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University; Dylan Kinnett, Manager of Web and Social Media Initiatives, Walters Art Museum Presentations at museum conferences frequently take one of two approaches. Either they offer successful—projects, or they speak in large-scale abstractions without concrete examples. This professional roundtable will takerent approach by asking three museum professionals to give insight into the process of tackling a project within their institution. Drawing upon experiences of small, medium, and large institutions, the presenters will explore the size of teams and budgets available to pull together projects of various sizes. At what point can digital projects be tackled in-house, and at what point do other people within the institution need to get involved? Who else—internally or externally—is involved with the process of getting a digital project off the ground? Session Chair: Suse Cairns, PhD candidate, University of Newcastle Presented Saturday, Nov 10, 2012 at the Museum Computer Network Conference in Seattle, WA. #mcn2012prop