Ignite 2023: Angela Val

Visit Philadelphia

MCN 2023 Conference
November 8, 2023
World Café Live, Philadelphia


I have the best damn job in the world. Every day I get to promote Philadelphia, the place that I call home in the place that I love. Philadelphia is my gym between two rivers. It inspires me, inspires me because it's aspirational and it's authentic. This place is real and we'll tell you that every single time.

But it also motivates me for what I know this city can become. Outside of the Philadelphia region, they know us for Rocky, the Liberty Bell, delicious cheese steaks. Have one if you haven't had one already. And of course, our passionate sports fans. Go Eagles. But my most favorite thing is our attitude, spelled A T T Y, Tude.You'll experience that here.

But Philadelphia also has a superpower. We're a place that will surprise and delight you like no other city. This place, when you come here, people are expecting to see Philadelphia. But what you walk away with is the feeling and the love for Philly. Philly is our intrigue. Philly is the neighborhood bar on game day. Philly is a culinary capital with the most James Beard restaurants than any other city this year.

Philadelphia is a powerhouse for arts and culture. We are home to more Renoirs outside of Paris than any other city in the world. We're the home of the private collection of Albert Barnes, and we're the future home of the Calder Gardens. And we are Fairmount Park, the largest urban city—urban park in the country.

We're also the most walkable city. That's just not me saying that, but that is USA Today, who also named Philadelphia as one of the cities with the best street art. Philly is our passion. Philly is our pride. I welcome you to the place that I call home. I hope that you take every moment that you have free to explore it.

I hope that you leave knowing that you visited Philadelphia, but you fall in love with what I've already fallen in love with Philly. Thank you so much for coming and for choosing Philadelphia and for showing up in person.