Ignite MCN 2021: Can Muse-Tech just move on?

Can Muse-Tech just move on? (IGNITE)


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Let's see. Next up. We've got Andrea Montiel de Shuman. Andrea is also a second time Ignite speaker and last spoke that same year that Sima de 2017. She's also been connected with them cn for many, many years, including being on the program committee for the conference, including last year's first virtual conference. And today she brings us a deeply personal and inspiring story. And after her talk, we'll take a one minute break just to give ourselves a breather. So Andrea, take it away.

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Before we start, I want you to be aware that this will not be presentation filled with advice and positivity. But I will be honest, and I promise you that by the end, you might find some hope I'll do my best. As a Mexican immigrant trying to make it in this field. It's been a roller coaster. But so you have a picture. What's the Ignite talk I gave back in 2017, because that night felt like a milestone in a lifetime of challenges. And as Tina, I felt privileged working for museums, they are world is intoxicating, isn't it. And it was not just the love for the arts or tech in my hands, I felt a responsibility to work extra hard for diverse communities. But I have to be transparent about the cost. Because I had wonderful opportunities on the field at large. But for example, I becoming co Chairman MC and by the way, but at my institutions, my constraint my contributions would quickly taken away from me and many others behind a stellar collection, my workplace, failed periodic classes sexist, racist, and retaliatory under new leadership that easily constructed over 25 years of research and practices. And I was at my lowest by 2019, I traveled to Mexico to record a little then the pandemic started, I offered my best dose to the eye. But even in this crisis, I only saw the exacerbation of already failing systems, leadership taken on justified evil is insensitive, and even racist decisions. So long story short, I quit and I did it publicly. I have no time to mourn for my job. I went straight the resignation to the from resignation to lead the staff action. And thanks to the tools, learn through this network, I was able to offer a safe space for my colleagues digitally. And let me tell you that retaliation of my institution was severe. But while expected crisis management firms, lawyers media influence arts authority is minority tokens, making excuses for them all, you know, endless resources invested to silence me and my colleagues. That way, I accept that. My efforts were not much with narcissistic abuse, and not because of the outdated yet severe retaliatory strategies, but because of the fear and anonymity of many colleagues in the field at large. But don't get me wrong. Many of my colleagues took serious risks and sacrifices to engage with the ISF action while I was crushed to have journalists telling me that they couldn't share something because of closeness with a board or the director of marketing. I can tell you that what actually crushed me the most were the daily calls from colleagues in crisis, who were too terrified to do anything about it, thanking me for my sacrifice, asking me for specific actions. I just couldn't stop thinking about them. And I'm gonna tell you why. The fear in their voice was familiar. I have felt that since I moved in the US, and we were in the middle of a pandemic. So last November, by the end of MCs, I actually consider suicide as the only alternative to finally make a difference in this field. And I was not alone. The feelings of tokenism, abandonment and hopelessness are sentiments that I have heard from many women of color, particularly women of color, who publicly resign and organize their colleagues taking major risks on behalf of the field, most with limited to no support from till today. So police situations in the US are investing millions in anti union campaigns lawyers to intimidate those influenced to control the narrative, anything to protect their colonial practices, and to avoid accountability at all costs. So can the musetech just move on. Now, now without the courageous, widespread sacrifices needed, because otherwise, these types of efforts will continue to fail. Slow change can be taken away by the new narcissistic, underqualified or legal team power. So I am here to offer you a new solution which is face your trauma. I am a living testimony that you can overcome it. You are not your job. And it's not my job to have the field but I can tell you that you can break that neverending cycle of fear hopelessness and guilt and before you feel overwhelmed by the necessary sacrifices, like going through NLRB, negotiating with arts authorities, so in situations unionized and being public about it deal with a long term exposure traumatic environments, because working in museums can be trauma bonding, particularly for those exposed to other types of abuse like people of color children of narcissistic families, or those with abusive partners. So please check the resources I prepare because you're not alone in this and don't worry about me, I have overcome the worst and I am a new I'm healing and I'm preparing projects to decentralize the power and influence of large institutions that will be coming soon. For now fight for courage, my dear friends, break the cycles of trauma because if you do, I have full hope that this field will not be able to avoid any awakening that can lead to the transformation of our field. So make it inevitable. Thank you.

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We are going to take a short break so if you need a little space, take whatever space you needed, and Andrea put together some resources if you would like to reach out Andre I can't imagine this community but actually

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All right, come on back. Come on back. Come on back. Thank you again, Andrea.