LMS Open Doors!

Learning management systems (LMS) cause most individuals to think of an online class or e-learning environment with deadlines and exams and a start and end date. With that said, our application has been different. Working with three programs of volunteer tour guides (art, nature, and architecture), we are using this technology in a different way and evolving our use of this tool as we go. Before we had a LMS incorporated into our programs, we were struggling to keep up with the content and information that 90 tour guides depend on to offer their individual tours and programs. Many concerns kept creeping to the surface: How can I keep abreast of the tour routes with such rapid change within a new and growing museum? Is the content that I have accurate and up to date? Is it possible to have all of the information in one place so that I can access it when I need it? This presentation will include an overview of how we incorporated a LMS, Haiku, to address these very concerns for our volunteer guides. By using the available course functions and experimenting with the tools to make them fit the needs of the individual programs, we have developed a system that has changed the way we operate and has, to our surprise and excitement, become an online community for our guides to learn from each other and from the museum staff. We are so excited to share our use of an LMS as well as discuss how this technology can be used in other tour guide, docent, and staff education environments. And, in addition, we recognize that we still have much to learn from others about how we can continue to grow this online content database and foster the online community for our guides. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Alyssa Wilson, Guide Program Manager, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA