Make that Network Werk, Werk, Werk for EMPs

In this professional development session, we hope to tackle some ways that emerging museum professionals can use social media and NEMPN for networking, resource sharing, and professional development. We hope to touch on Museum Twitter, conferences, professional organizations, and the new NEMPN members' space as ways to engage with other emerging and established museum professionals. Track:Professional Development


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Folks, as you come on in, feel free to share where you are calling in from on in the chat and I'm going to pull up my slides and we're gonna get started.

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I can go well CRS pulling up stuff. So my name is Emily esten. I am Lyn I'm on the land of the land by hooking which is in current day Philadelphia, PA. I use she and her pronouns. I'm also a curator at the University of Pennsylvania. And the director of communications for national EMP network, which is what brings us here today.

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Perfect. And the woman who's been talking a lot since you've gotten here is Sierra van Ryck Degroot that is me. I am one half of the CRS co presidential leadership team for national emerging museum Professionals Network, also known as national EMP network also known as any MPN. I currently reside in the state of New Jersey which is on the also in will not be hooking. It's very big space, basically in the land. Of the Muncie lat Bay people and I use she her pronouns. I am a medium toned brown skinned woman with shoulder length hair and I'm wearing a white, warm fuzzy sweater. My background is black with various image, photos and documents hanging on the wall behind me. We are very excited to get to know all of you in the chat. And so feel free throughout this session to put in where you are calling in from in the chat because we'd love to know and there will be an opportunity for us to all introduce ourselves. In a more formal way in a second. So let's get started. So let's talk about making that network work work work for enps This is presented by any MPN national emerging museum professionals network but specifically by Emily esten, who is our Director of Communications and myself Sierra van Ryck Degroot who I sat again is one half of the CRS co presidential leadership team.

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Take this Emily. Yeah, so we are going to talk about some different platforms that you can use for networking. And we're also going to talk about conferences, various communication spaces. So we're going to talk about working on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and everyone's favorite tick tock as well as email and just how to get in touch and contacts with different

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people. We're very excited because we you can find us in almost all of these places except for job we do not have a tick tock presence. As an organization, but who knows that could change. So starting off with email listeners, we like to say that like in order to start your networking, you do not always have to be on a social media platform. You can start with just a listserv. So MCI actually has a great listserv that you should join um, also there's talk at museum The am forum which is typically emailed as a listener. If you are in New York City, the New York City museum educators roundtable peer groups are also run through a listener system. And then of course, for me and for folks who think a little internationally. Museum detox, which is a really great group based in the UK is another great listserv to just be a part of. And these are great places to just kind of start dipping your toe into the networking world. If you're like not super familiar with how to start, this is a good first step and it comes right into your inbox. I will say that one piece of advice that has been floating around the nnpn world is creating a separate email for your professional things. That way, you don't get inundated in emails with all of these things that could come in with listeners. I don't know about you, Emily. But my listservs take a little while. And I have like like 100 unread listserv messages, but it's fine. You can you can engage as you like as you come on in.

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Yeah, building up a booth here says oh, it's very low stakes. You can participate as much or as little as you want. And you can get a good sense of like what conversations people are interested or want to be having. Um, yeah, so next we're talking about Twitter and museum Twitter is one of my favorite places. It's one of the ways I was really interested and involved and introduced to the Museum of space. And there are lots of great museum professionals from around enps to really establish people who are engaging on Twitter sharing work about their institutions about discourse in the field, and and their trips to museums, things that are coming up all the time. And one of the things I really appreciate it, but Twitter is that it's really easy to reach a wider network. So you can ask a question about resources if you use a hashtag or you're pointing out the right person, and you can get a lot of attention and eyes and get the resources that you want and people are fairly approachable, right if you tag them, and you're nice and kind about it, they'll often want to respond or engage with you and then you can find different connections to other people as well. And so it's like a trail from one person to a greater community.

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I agree um, and we put some hashtags that we are following on here this is not a comprehensive list is only a few of the great hashtags. You can follow hashtag New Museum Ed hashtag musetech which also you will find MANY folks who are attending MC N their new social, which is great for folks like Emily and of course you'll see other conference people who work in social media also popping up their ATM which is historians at the movies is actually a really great thread to follow that watch movies and do a live tweet chat of those movies together. It's very fun. Museum ad chat usually typically happens on Thursdays and it's a great way to kind of do a live tweet chat with other museum educators. Museums are not neutrals of general hashtag that we kind of mark important things under and then drinking about museums, which is also another kind of like informal group that you can follow along with and that can lead to some in person meetups. So, again, not a comprehensive list, but a great place. To kind of start if you're just dipping your toes in and I know that Twitter is kind of intimidating because we've we've talked a lot about Twitter in the news recently, in terms of like politics in terms of like, all kinds of chaos that's happened but Twitter can be a really valuable networking tool. So if you are thinking about starting a Twitter or you have one and you're not really super active on it, don't be afraid it's a great place to start. Moving right into that is Facebook. So we all know Facebook, please become lacO and we get it. It's not as popular as it used to be. It's also a little spicy. However, there are still MANY great museum places that are host of museum groups that are hosted on Facebook. National EMP network has an emerging museum professionals group with has almost 15,000 other museum professionals located in that group that are at your disposal to talk to you. And there's also a museum social media managers, which is also a pretty great group to join. If that's something you're working on museum Whew. Which is a great group for bipoc individuals who are looking to kind of connect there's also a community page for folks who are allies of those individuals. Museum mingle which is another informal group to meet on I know that museum mingle also has some offshoots that are around specific concentrations or areas of interest in the museum field. Like I know there's a museum mingle like education and interpretation group, nonprofit Happy Hour, which is a massive group that is dedicated to talking about nonprofits as a whole. And then there's nonprofit Happy Hour affiliated accessibility group, which is another great group to kind of connect with if you are thinking about accessibility either on a personal level or in a organizational level as well. I will say that a lot of groups are trying to leave Facebook because of all of the various reasons to leave Facebook. So it's you might find that a group is not super active on Facebook you also might find a group is like thriving on Facebook. So feel free to check in on like when the last time people posted in that group was what does it look like for new members, keeping track of like all that stuff? And I will say that if you are someone who has two separate Facebook identities so you have a professional and a personal Facebook this these are great for your professional Facebook, I don't and I know quite a few people who only have one Facebook who use their personal Facebook on there. Just be aware of tightening up your settings if they're if you're concerned about people kind of like looking deeper into you from there.

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Just the fun

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thing about Facebook is that these groups each one has their own individual rules about what you can post what kind of things you can share. Whether or not you can be anonymous in a group. So that's another thing to check as you're joining a particular group might be I know for the emerging museum professionals group, we have a list of questions that we asked you to answer. Part of that is for demographics. So we get a sense of why are you interested in this group, but it's also to make sure that you respond to a code of conduct so keep that in mind whereas on Twitter, you can choose to be private or you can choose to interact with entire world, Facebook, you're choosing to be a part of a group and so you have to respect that group's guidelines.

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That was a great point. Emily, I feel like we get a lot of people who come in like guns blazing into the emerging museum professionals group and we're like, complex. We have. We have a we have a code of conduct here. Speaking of a code of conduct, let's talk about LinkedIn Emily.

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So especially for people who are still in school or people who are coming from other fields, LinkedIn is starting to be a much more popular space to be sharing and professional work to be talking about discourse in the field generally, to just be sharing the kinds of projects that people are working on. Um, nothing about LinkedIn as well as that you can join as an individual or you'll have companies or organizations joining and sharing their own things. So we share we follow a bunch of different groups on LinkedIn and Sarah, do you want to take it from here?

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Oh, yeah. So I this is like a mix of like personal following and so forth. There is a national EMP group on LinkedIn, I will be fully transparent. We do not use it.

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It's something we're looking to support. Yes.

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If you haven't noticed any MPN has been going through a couple of changes over the last two years where we have completely revamped our offerings and how we approach our work. And it's taking a slow but sure path to get us back to the full stretch of what we can do. So LinkedIn is something we're looking to kind of get more into in 2022. But who we are personally following on LinkedIn is again, the New York City museum educators Roundtable, the National Art Educators Association. That's nada. Folks we've met on social media, so like, I can't tell you how MANY people I've met on museum Twitter or Instagram. That then come find me on LinkedIn and add me or I see them pop up on LinkedIn. And I'm like, definitely got to connect with this person. people we have met IRL in at conferences, workshops convenings. There's nothing better than going to a conference. You sit next to someone you're talking to them. You're like, oh my gosh, this person's amazing. I want to talk to them more. This slide. I'm a little LinkedIn ad. And you guys can continue your conversation after that session or after a conference as a whole amazing and then also reaching out to professionals we admire. So one thing I will say is an Emily said this before. It's really wonderful. When you can just reach out to someone and say hey, I really admire the work that you do and I'd love to chat with you more about it or I just want to follow you because I think you're doing great work. Is that okay? Like just like just reaching out, shoot your shot. See if they like it. I will say the museum field I would say like glam field in general. That's galleries, libraries, archives and museums. People are generally super willing to connect with you on social media. I mean, that's the whole purpose of it. Right? And so if you reach out to someone you admire even someone that you think whoa, this person is like a big name. Do they even know who I am? Whatever. Most people are generally willing to just connect. And if you want to talk to them, they're very willing to connect with you to talk. So it's totally cool. Just shoot your shot, send them a message. And as LinkedIn says, when you reach out to someone that they don't know, you know, add a little note, just say like, Hey, you know, I follow you on Twitter, I follow you here. I saw you at this conference, blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to connect. That way people can place a face to a name or at least know where you're coming from. You're not just someone coming to lurk on their page. But about IG.

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Yeah, so Instagram, another amazing place, particularly because it's so visually focused. So it's a great place to express yourself, as well as participate in discussions and connections and even more so in probably in the past year has become a really great place. For organizations to pop up and sort of gratis grassroots, grassroots campaigns to begin. Um, so one of the things we follow a lot of accounts you can follow lots of organizations, other museums, you can follow lots of professional organizations as well. And then just seeing people that you admire or inspired by there are hashtags that you can follow on Instagram. It's a little bit different than it is on Twitter, although I will say that museum 30 is coming up for November. And that's always really fun. People are posting pictures about their experiences in museums, some of their favorite places, some things that they do, whether they work in them or have been to them. And so those kinds of campaigns are always really exciting.

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I agree. I always look forward to museum 30, which is actually just like an independently run campaign by a museum professional. Also known under the name of magnifying zoology, and it's just like, I was always impressed every year that this comes out and it's just so well done and I will give huge props to Gracie for also making sure it's translated into a lot of languages. So it really goes internationally. And I will drop museum 30 In chat. That's actually how I kind of like broke into my professional Instagram was doing museum 30. So this is like a great way for you to kind of think about it if you are a little bit more visually inclined. And the council that we're following, again, New York City museum educators roundtable, national emerging museum professionals network, highly recommend you follow us we're very fun on their museum workers speak. We are also following all of the hot Museum, Instagram so like change the museum. We also follow museum ship we follow museum shift we follow international mapmakers for we follow like all kinds of people. So really follow Museum, professional Instagrams that you care about and that you're passionate about. So we also follow professional orgs that we care about so our group is national slash International. So we follow the Canadian Museum Association but we also follow like SEMC south, south east, what is what is SEMC Stan Borgen se Museum? Calm. I always forget what the C is. Also great tip if you're ever trying to remember all of the acronyms in the museum field, you don't have to there's too MANY. Don't ever feel pressured to do that. And then we also have to follow museums and cultural arcs that we love Aaron and are inspired by as a professional as an individual professional. If there's a particular museum that's like your dream museum to work at. I highly recommend following them on Instagram. That's only going to build your knowledge of that institution until the position that works for you comes out. Also. It's a great way for you to know when something is open. A lot of places will post on Instagram like when a position is open, or posts on Twitter, etc. That's a great time for you to go and swoop in and be like Well, I've been following this Instagram for six months. Now I already know that they've been doing all this cool stuff. I can just like swoop in there. I'm applying for that coordinator of social media position, and I'm ready to go. So highly recommend just flying right through there. Sorry, folks.

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I think the other thing I'll add while you're switching through slides, so we talked about professional posting from some of these orgs but you know, sometimes people are sharing memes on Instagram, which is always really fun. Some of my favorite examples. And job postings are surprisingly very popular. And so you'll always see someone say like, here's the description, and then here's the link in the bio and you can go straight to their straight to their account and go see the information that they're sharing.

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It's amazing. So let's talk about tick tock. Okay, so for all of my older folks here, rip vine we miss her love her. But let's talk about how tick tock can be also a place for networking. So there are a lot of tick tock is kind of evolved. Sorry, it's not just dances it's not just recipes. It's not just hot takes sometimes just hot takes but it's a really great place for you to meet other museum professionals. So we also follow professional orgs on Tik Tok. That's actually typically how we're able to connect with either hiring managers or folks who are looking for like a more tech savvy crew. Also typically a younger demographic as well as found on tips on tick tock so it's also a great place to be in general museums and cultural orgs that we love and are inspired by also following them on tick tock if they have one. It's also just fun to see like video ways of people engaging with the content and different trends sometimes ridiculous sometimes they're really fun. We also have following museum tictac very, very similar to to instagram you can follow hashtags on their museum tick tock is one museum talk, just museums in general. There are also museum professionals that you will find in your travels on social media who are also on there. Just add them on Tik Tok watch their content. They may they may be trying to rise as a tick tock star. We just want to make sure everyone gets their coin if they're looking for it. Any thoughts on tick tock Emily?

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I think you've captured a lot of what I was saying I think the other thing is that it's really experimental, like people are trying out new things in the same way that I guess a decade or two ago people were trying things on YouTube. So different models. It's kind of things like what sort of things people would want to be displaying what kind of things you can move behind the scenes in a museum or any behind the scenes in your experiences. And so yeah, I think of the other places that we've talked about tick tock is probably the one if you want to try something new or you're trying to say something exciting or you know, a little different in terms of how you display yourself professionally.

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Yeah, so we're gonna pause here for a second because we want to do our first round of networking with all of you in this session, so I'm going to share I'm going to share the link to a Google Sheet for folks to fill out. Information about themselves and you can file fill out as much or as little information as you'd like. But here you go. This Google sheet that I just shared in there is a great way for you to just like get people's information from this session. So all of the conference presenters, even our friend, Heidi, who was not able to be here, have submitted their information, you're more than welcome to submit your own as well to just connect with folks who are currently in this session, and if you speed through that, because I imagine that you will, we are also going to we are also going to do a quick mentee meter to see how active you all are in the conference field. So I'm going to change my screen. Oh, it looks like you need access. That does explain a lot. Thank you, Andrea.

Unknown Speaker 38:45
I got it. Hold on. There. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
Thank you. Let's be real for a second I'm technology is hard out here. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:03
First rule in any of my workshops is that computers are very dumb and computers are very careful. That's true.

Unknown Speaker 39:09
So as you all kind of fill out that spreadsheet. Once you finish I'm also just going I'm also just gonna put up a full screen Mentimeter which if you've ever done any conference session with me before I love to use a little multimeter Little Live Action

Unknown Speaker 39:34
um, so you can do this on your phone or on your computer. It will give you at the very top it says go to also put that in the chat. And you can use the code to share your conference attendance. So where what conferences have you been to in this field? So it doesn't just have to be a museum conference. It could be a museum adjacent. Um we're just really curious to hear like Where have you been where people been in this session?

Unknown Speaker 40:27
Oh, so we got two already. We got MC N. Obviously so good to see MC n in the house. We see MC pH. I'm so excited for NC pH this year. And by this year, I mean 2022 Sometimes M and Z pH is going to be so good this year. I'm so excited. It's gonna be in Montreal. I so excited for Montreal.

Unknown Speaker 40:51
Context and tbh is the National Council for public history.

Unknown Speaker 40:54
Yes. Museums in the web. I want to go to that conference. I don't know why I haven't been an axial Oh my gosh. Yes, I always forget about their conference. Feel free to share any conferences that you've attended. Before in the field. Just we would love to know where you're from. And then also the spreadsheet is available to you all for the rest of the session. So you can start now come back to it you can add to it feel free. So we're just looking to know

Unknown Speaker 41:26
Have you all been up to where have you been?

Unknown Speaker 41:36
Oh yeah, Alberta Museum Association. Love that. We got am okay. Nick Mercer shore that scrapes. Our friends at the Vex conference did an amazing job this year. Being virtual. I think every conference that's done virtually has done a pretty good job. But Vax this year really blew me out of the water and how well they kind of put that together. And they're going to be in Cleveland next year. And they've already booked an EMP house from us, Emily, which I'm so excited about and we're going to talk more about EMP house later in the session. So don't Don't worry that I'm like dropping some hot tip that you don't know about yet.

Unknown Speaker 42:21
Museums in the web got big, which means that a lot of people are going to that so that's great. That's actually really good to know. We're gonna leave a couple extra minutes for folks to add additional any additional conferences that we attended, we have arcs conference. Oh yeah. Arcs is happening right now. Next, no. I want to say as of right now, in journeymen so cool. Interpretation Canada. Awesome. Alberta museums Association. Great, Greg. Great. This is awesome. It's a really good set of conferences folks. I'll see what's black portraitures Oh, yeah. These are good. This is reminding me of all the great conferences that are out there. NEMA. That's right, the New England Museum Association because the Northeast is heavily wrapping so I'm going to stop this share for a quick second so that we can kind of regroup as a team together. But thank you all for sharing where you've been and where you've been going. This is exciting. Let's take a look.

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At the

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let's take a look back at our presentation to talk about networking IRL. So I'm going to pop this back up and thank you all for letting me talk through this process with you. Let's talk about working IRL so COVID is still happening. We're still on a panorama like I get that but we are starting to notice that conferences are coming back in person and it's good for us to be ready and ready to go when those are back. Emily, do you wanna take this?

Unknown Speaker 44:27
Yeah, so we talked about social media networking in the first half. And one of the things that you can often find on social media are that conferences are happening and where they're happening. So you could find call for papers who are looking for your proposals. And you can also find connections or conference panels that are open to people also people looking to fill their conference panels. Sometimes they'll need an extra speaker and it might be something that you have expertise in or that you want to be able to discuss and talk about. And, and conferences are great because it's bringing all of those people that you meet in these virtual networks into one space together. And to be able to like you're doing with MC and right now be able to have lots of different conversations, follow lots of different threads and find out lots of different people just what they're doing, what kind of things they have done, what kind of things they want to be doing, and bring all that together. So we participated in a lots of different networks and conferences. So we have NAA, which is the National Arts Educators Association. Yeah. And we have am city American Association of museums. We have MC n, which we're doing right here today. As TC which is the Association of Science Technology Centers. Yeah, yeah. One thing about conferences is they're all alphabet soup. They're all different acronyms. And if there's an M, it probably means museum if you're in the museum field, but you'll figure it out.

Unknown Speaker 45:49
It's anyone's guess. We also do face to face New York City. Arts and Education roundtable who's been slaying it this year in terms of supporting their members have to shout them out. And the greater Hudson heritage network, so it's a little biased in New York City, and that's where I do a lot of my conferences, but there are so MANY other conferences as we've mentioned before, a lot of the conferences that were posted up on that she were also people who were hosting. We're also conferences that any MPN is either hosting or supporting. So you'll see us pop up at Nima. You'll see us pop up at MC and again, hopefully in the future we'll be at NC pH will be at a pm hopefully. So we will be MANY of those conferences and we know that like networking in real life is like much harder than networking online because online you have time to like, think through what you're going to say type it out. Edit it, think about it, send it whereas networking IRL, you're like with people talking to them in that moment. And you're almost competing for attention because everyone is trying to talk at the same time, right? So let's talk about affording conferences. We're not going to beat around the bush the conference circuit she expensive expensive. And as an EMP you're likely to self fund some of them like it's, I find that conference development funds are really hard to get when you're an EMP but as like a higher level as like a higher person in the field. It's like not as hard to talk about, which is ridiculous, but that's another thing entirely. Um, so our tips for affording conferences are keep an eye out for conference fellowships. So MANY of the places that we talked about before, have conference scholarships. Or grants or fellowships to make it affordable for folks to join. So MANY conferences offer those things for emerging professionals, especially to a time because they know how hard it is. Those scholarships can cover just admission. They also cover room and board just really look into what they're offering. Some of them may ask you for a little bit of extra work. After so like maybe throw in a blog post, maybe you have to support their session, like maybe volunteer to help with tech on one session or something in addition to that work, but also, if you're not interested in this fellowship, so you didn't get them another option for you might be volunteering. We know that not everyone is able to volunteer. Volunteering is a very privileged position to be in. But if you are able to have the time and capacity MANY conferences offer volunteer opportunities for folks to attend for free or discounted rate in exchange for helping out. Now, if you see me at our front desk, please say hi and acknowledge the fact that I'm volunteering because it's hard out here to pay for all this conference. One other thing to do is apply for EMP house and we're so excited to talk more about EMP has let's talk MPs

Unknown Speaker 48:53
MPs is an initiative that we nationally MP network are doing and this is an opportunity for MPs to stay in affordable housing during a conference when other MPs and our goals are one we want to make sure that you are free or really discounted tickets for the attending the conference so covering some of your some if not all of your conference registration. I'm having affordable housing for the entire duration of a conference and one of the really difficult things for people is being able to go to a conference for one or two days, but this would cover the entire time. And then some extra times like you're spending time with people who you aren't you have a built in network right there. So getting to know them getting to have some fun and just generally have a community because conferences can be really scary when you don't know anybody there so here you go. You have a bunch of new friends to go into this experience with

Unknown Speaker 49:40
and we also just like try our hardest to make sure EMP house is like a welcoming environment like I go out of my way to make sure that end house has like the best swag available. Like we're making sure it's close to the conference site. So it's not that far for you. And we're usually working in collaboration with the conference organizers. So it's not also it's also not a surprise to them. It's not like the secret usurping the hotel. No most of these conferences know that we're doing this. I mean, they know that we're doing this to support EMTs and bring more folks into the conference because some of the connections you make IRL, in person or even on the internet are incredibly valuable as you move through the field. Your network is your most valuable asset and EMP house is here to help you with that. So to know when MP house is happening, follow us on social media. We will post it on our socials but also join our mailing list which we can send out a little bit because MP house will be happening in 2022. And as I said before, we are definitely doing it at backs. We're looking to see if we'll be doing in other places. And please know when we do EMP house we're doing it in accordance with the laws of the area so you'll never see an EMP house in New York City unfortunately. And probably not Boston but you will see EMP house in places that do support Airbnb or VRBO. Legally.

Unknown Speaker 51:01
And if there is a conference that you're going to that you would like to see an empty house, please let us know because we want to make sure we can get involved and help support you all there.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
Absolutely. And talk about what's at our conference too. So we all know everyone knows that museum education and museum education museums in general. We love a tote bag. We love a tote bag. I don't know if anyone else in this group I would love to see a hand raise using reactions or so just feel free to react if you have a bag of toe pads.

Unknown Speaker 51:33
My MC N toe bag which is right over in the corner from 2019

Unknown Speaker 51:38
but would love to see some reactions of folks. I also have a bag of tote bags. Okay, everyone else's Yep. Okay, thank you folks. Thank you for making us not feel like the only people with bags of tote bags. Um, my bag of tote bag is slowly becoming a closet of tote bags. While we have all these great gorgeous tote bags, we also know that we're bringing them to the conference to show up. Let's not Let's not lie, folks. The tote bag that you bring to the conference if it's not the conference tote bag is probably one of your most valuable pieces in your outfit your whole ensemble. What's in your tote bag is just as important as well. So you want to make sure you have your conference program and any information that you need a folder for handouts. I can't tell you how MANY times I've gone to a conference and I just have like loose papers everywhere. If you don't get a folder at the conference, it's a lost cause that paper can end up anywhere. Pen slash pencil and a notebook and don't don't scrimp on yourself. You deserve the best bring their best notebook, bring your best pen and pencil you're going to be using it to write lots of notes. Also, you might be using it to write down contact information and stuff from people. Make yourself as happy and comfortable as possible. Business cards and a place to put them who business cards so not everyone gets business cards right? Let's be real. Not everyone gets business cards. If you do have a job where you get a business card, take a chunk of those business cards with you and have a place to put them so I know some people like to go super old school, got a rubber band, tie it up. That's the whole deal. Some people might be a little fancier get a little business card holder with their little initials on it, put their business cards in there do you are more than welcome to do that. And if you're someone who doesn't have business cards right now you like you're not affiliated with an institution that gives you business cards or you're a freelancer makeup. I'm telling you it's gonna save you so much time so much energy, make your own business cards. If you are a student, the my favorite brand of business cards is from Moo is honestly one of like the premier printing companies. I'm sorry, we're not sponsored by mu i have to that disclaimer. I have tried my hardest to be sponsored by mu they are just not taking it. But feel free to join to look at mu and mu if you are student has a student discount for their business cards so take advantage of that student discount. I would also say another great place to find student discounts on business cards are Yes. I love to do I still love I honestly like if I could order more business cards from Lou I would if mu is not in your price range because she will expensive I know that. You can also print from Vistaprint print from Staples you can print from anywhere. Yes Vistaprint Denita gets it so Vistaprint and we all know Vistaprint is on radios internet all the ads. You can get a coupon code and get them for the cheap cheap. I will say though I will I'm just gonna give I'm gonna give you a little design tip from a design museum historian person. Don't get thin business cards. people out here judging you for your thin business card. I'm telling you, you want to get a business card that has a little bit of heft. It's like a little bit of heft to it just a little bit. You don't want to paper thin business card. I know. I know. It was the cheapest lot. I know. People out here judging because of them. I have been in conferences where I've heard people be like, do you see this flimsy card? Don't be that person. American Psycho

Unknown Speaker 55:11
scene is real.

Unknown Speaker 55:15
But you don't also have to get like the thick, thick, thick, thick, thick boys. Just get one little half to it. A water bottle. Thirst is real at a conference and sometimes you're not on the same cycle for lunches or you might be in between lunches or you could be me who was chronically dehydrated. Gotta have your water bottle with you at all times. And also most hotels have places to refill their water or conference centers. So you want to make sure you're refilling and then your room key and access info. I know that this sounds preposterous, you're like of course I would have my room key I cannot tell you how MANY times I have been with people who have been like shit, my rookie

Unknown Speaker 55:58
year they have like the lanyards I often put the room key in the lanyard with me so I remember that it's there and the other thing to add for all of this too is like we're talking about in person conferences, but a lot of this applies to virtual conferences as well. So like you do want to have a tab open with that conference program. You're gonna want to pen and pencil a notebook because, I mean, I take lots of virtual notes, but I know if I write it down I will actually remember and it'll be really pretty and you're gonna want to be able to have like your business information ready to go and share if somebody asks you for it. And obviously you want a water bottle because you're gonna need to be hydrated even if you're sitting in front of Zoom all day.

Unknown Speaker 56:35
When you're if you're like me, you'll have multiple beverages to get you through the day. And one thing I will say is if you don't have a tote bag or a bag that you love for conferences, get one is not expensive. A lot. Some conferences give you a bag. They don't tell you sometimes if they're giving you two bags, you could be ending up empty handed. You don't want that you want a vessel to just throw all your stuff into so we can absolutely recommend some solid tote bags for you. But we're also giving away at any MPN tote bag at the end of this. So we will be also randomly selecting someone to get in any MPN throw bag at the end of this. So lucky you and last but absolutely not least, find us on social. This is Emily and Heidi who was not able to join us today. Len and myself this is our emails and general contact info and if you're on that spreadsheet from before all of our details including our social media details are on there. Last but absolutely not least, if you are not currently doing anything with any MPN we absolutely would love to see you at some upcoming things. We are also currently running a a fundraiser called sweat Tober that is wrapping up on Halloween. It is fundraising for internship stipends throughout the summer. So if you're looking to get an internship stipend for your potentially unpaid internship, keep an eye out for that. I would also recommend that you keep an eye out for the nnpn award so we are hosting our first award ceremony and we'll be awarding the places and people who have been doing the work for the EMP so I will be dropping EMP awards info in the chat if you are looking to nominate someone or some people or an organization for that work we want to highlight groups that are doing work that support at enps. So once that comes, that is it for us. I think if anyone has any questions, feel free to drop them in the chat or unmute yourselves we're here to chat also, so I'm going to stop sharing

Unknown Speaker 58:50
so you can all see each other's faces no questions. No nothing.

Unknown Speaker 59:03

Unknown Speaker 59:08
it's just because you're so thorough.

Unknown Speaker 59:14
Oh, because I also have something I have to send you so yeah, uh huh. Uh huh. I look like I'm in pajamas,

Unknown Speaker 59:23
because I am and I'm so sorry.

Unknown Speaker 59:26
But we're not judging you for that. Thank you, Ron. We love to share this info. And of course, we can share this with anyone if you're interested after. And also feel free to use the Google sheet as a way to connect with folks after this event. Andra Good to see oh, did I absolutely agree.

Unknown Speaker 59:51
Yeah, I was just gonna agree with Kelsey. I don't have questions because this was just so much fun and also very comprehensive. I swear I'm here I'm just also like eating soup, which is not a good luck for a virtual conference right now. Oh. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
So we are giving away a conference tote bag. And after I put everyone's names in the randomizer it is going to Rachel Panella. So congratulations, Rachel. Rachel, if you can send me a DM or an email at President at national EMP network. org I can get your address to send that to you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
So congratulations, Rachel and then Kelsey. I move some mountains for you. That's all I have to

Unknown Speaker 1:00:36
say. And by moving mountains, I have to go find things. But thank you all so much for joining us this afternoon. We're super excited and Rachel will look forward to getting an email or a DM from you so that we can put your info so we can send you your any MPN totebag. Thank you all for joining us. We hope to see you on social media. And we hope to see you at a future conference or EMP house. Thank you all for coming. Thank you, Emily for being my co host

Unknown Speaker 1:01:07
and enjoy the rest of MCM Absolutely. We'll

Unknown Speaker 1:01:10
see you have other MCs sessions.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13
Bye O'Casey