Photographing a Collection

This presentation will discuss the journey so far of Auckland Museum's Collection Imaging project. The project was the first of the museum's Collections Readiness projects and drove the conversion of public gallery spaces into a new purpose built Collection Hub - home to four separate collections workstreams including cataloguing and imaging. The museum has developed a new purpose built studio designed as a blend between traditional heritage imaging techniques, commercial photography and the mass digitisation projects in the US. Whilst avoiding conveyor belts and bespoke production lines, the project still seeks to conduct imaging of heritage collections using manufacturing techniques and factory thinking to feed our collections, our online channels and for the first time to form the majority of a new DAMS and archive system. The talk will deliver an insight into the journey, the thinking behind the designs and learnings so far. Speaker(s) Session Leader : Dave Sanderson, Project Leader - Collection Imaging, Auckland War Memorial Museum MCN 2016 Presenting Sponsor: Piction New Orleans, LA