[Re]envisioning the Future: 3D Photogrammetry for Museums, from Super-Geek to Super-Easy

[Re]envisioning the Future: 3D Photogrammetry for Museums, from Super-Geek to Super-Easy (Webcast) Friday 22nd November 1:30pm to 3:00pm Grand Salon C Megan Jacobs @creativelife32 Associate Professor, NMHU Jonathan Lee NMHU Mariano Ulibarri @marianoulibarri NMHU/Parachute Factory Billy Grassie NMHU Paige Hicks Ideum This session will be live webcast at https://new.livestream.com/accou... This session will explore how to use photogrammetry to create 3D models of objects and structures and demonstrate various applications for the data. The discussion will begin with an overview of 3D photogrammetry in the context of a case study. The group will discuss their trip to Havana, Cuba where they demonstrated the use of photogrammetry for the Office of the Historian (the agency in charge of restoring and maintaining the city's historic structures). The team will discuss their findings in Cuba and the implications for other historic sites, with a demonstration of photographic shooting methodologies for photogrammetry. Billy Grassie's research explores the use of a multi-rotor aircraft to solve problems in shooting multistory historic structures. He will explain how to create those aircraft and demonstrate their use in capturing photogrammetric data. Mariano Ulibarri will demonstrate how to process the photogrammetric data and use 3D printing as an output for it. Megan Jacobs, Jonathan Lee, and Ariel Figueroa will discuss their collaboration with the New Mexico Museum of Art. The team captured 3D photogrammetric data from the Gustave Baumann marionettes, edited and prepared the files using Blender, and is working to use Unity and the Kinect to create a responsive experience that enables a museum visitor to "become a marionette." A discussion of the future of 3D imaging and photogrammetric data will conclude the presentation.