Month: November 2016

Tactical MCN

Guest post by MCN 2016 Scholar Emily Kotecki, Distance Learning Educator, North Carolina Museum of Art As a first timer to MCN, I wasn’t sure how similar or different it would be to Museums and the Web. Similar crowd, similar topic. However, in talking to another conference goer, she explained it best: MCN is tactical,…

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Experiencing the MCN Experience

By MCN 2016 Scholar, Luc Desmarais (@MuseoLuc), Exhibits & Design Manager, Beaty Biodiversity Museum ( What a week! This was my first time at the MCN conference, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous opportunity provided by the MCN Scholarship program. It was an honour to receive the scholarship, and very humbling to…

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Lights, Lights, Overstimulation

Guest post by MCN 2016 Scholar, Emily Haight – Digital Editorial Assistant at the National Museum of Women in the Arts As a scholarship recipient, presenter, and first-timer to MCN I didn’t know what to expect. What I experienced was four days of non-stop information overload. (It’s a good thing.) Here are a few of…

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Considering the Digital and Networked Future of Museums

Seph Rodney, a speaker at MCN2016 and a writer for hyperallergic, reviewed the New Orleans conference in a post called: Considering the Digital and Networked Future of Museums.

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Mapping the #MCN2016 Twitter conversation

Guest post by Andrea Ledesma   As someone who fancies herself a lurker on Twitter, I was a little intimidated heading into the MCN 2016. Would I be able to follow along? What exactly should I tweet? How fast would I need to type? Luckily, someone’s made a script for that. I tracked #MCN2016 using…

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#MCN2016 recaps, reactions, and responses

Last year we did a follow up blog post on the conference but instead of us trying to sum up the conference, we let you do that. We value our community here at MCN and love reading about your conference experiences. Over the last two weeks we’ve combed the #MCN2016 tag looking for posts but…

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Axiell-MCN 2016 “Market Trends” survey

MCN is pleased to announce that Axiell partnered with MCN as its 2016 “Market Trends sponsor”. This gives Axiell the opportunity to develop an annual survey, whose findings will add new market intelligence to our sector in the form of a free industry report that will be shared throughout MCN’s community and Axiell’s customers. Axiell is interested in knowing the…

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